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Sprays based on pure essential oils.

Created with the help of


Herbal wisdom.



Ingredients include: ginger, vetiver, laurel

Restore your connection to Mother Earth

If there’s too much weighing on your mind, you’re fretting too much and feel adrift, you need to get both feet planted firmly on the ground again, you need to ground yourself. Grounding features active ingredients which use their deeps roots within the earth, to get your head out of the clouds. The warm, stimulating properties of ginger, the calming angelica, and the soothing Rosewood, are responsible for the potency of this aroma. The high Vetiver grass also transfers the effects of its deep root network to you through the spray, these can go up to a depth of 3 meters, so you won’t be drifting off again easily. Earth repels emotional tension and listlessness as well as bolstering the immune system. Laurel was added to further enhance the effectiveness of this spray with Laurel’s great versatility and effectiveness as a medicinal plant.

Contents: 10 ml, price: € 17,95,


Ingredients include:  eucalyptus, sage, petitgrain

A refreshing breeze, sweeping through your mind, body, and the space around you, purifying them of negative energy.

Negative energy can adversely affect you in one of two ways. Firstly it might come in the guise of ambient pathogens in your working/living environment. Secondly, it might manifest as feelings of anxiety or an excess of stress. Together, these imbalances can cause a build-up of negative energy which can make you physically and spiritually unwell. The Purifying spray was created to solve this problem. It uses the power of eucalyptus and sage to purge ambient pathogens through application of their antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. Other herbs such as Jasmin and Mugwort, as well as several aromatic oils, chase away anxiety, improve your mood, and bolster your natural immunity by purging negative energy that has accumulated in the body. Mugwort, for example, has been used to drive out evil spirits for centuries.

Contents: 10 ml, price: € 17,95,


Ingredients include: lemon, incense, myrr

Ascend to meet your higher self in a tranquil, well-balanced manner

Perhaps you’ve got both feet planted a little too firmly on the ground, inhibiting your creativity and restricting your emotional freedom. The Ascending spray works very well when combined with, for example, meditation, to help you shake off your fetters. The spray gently ramps up your energy frequency, freeing you thoughts and bringing you out of your shell. Aside from its purifying, refreshing effects, lemon also sharpens the mind, clearing up your thoughts and boosting your powers of concentration. Cajeput (a scent comparable to eucalyptus) promotes inner calm, easing the burdens of a weary mind. For centuries, Incense and myrr have been used to help ascend to higher planes of spiritual wellbeing, their purpose no different here. To round out the aromatic profile of the Ascending spray, essential oils of sweet scented flowers have been added as well, to further enhance the spray’s ability to relax and soothe users.

Contents: 10 ml, price: € 17,95,


Native State’s jetlag sprays, based on pure essential oils, give your biological clock a jolt to realign it with the local time. 


Feel too energetic to sleep, but really want to get some rest? The 8 pure ingredients of the sleep-inducing spray allow you to let go of whatever you might be mulling over, so you can sink deeply into your matrass. The delightful flower tones of ylang ylang, lavender, and neroli will make you nice and sleepy. The wood tones of sandalwood and the roots of the valerian will ensure that the nervous tensions in the background of your mind fade away. So you can enjoy your rest without worry, whenever you want.

Contents: 10 ml, price: € 17,95,


When your body and soul yearn for sleep, but there’s too much still to be done, the 10 pure essential oils in the Energy spray are just the kind of pick-me-up you need. Lemongrass has a refreshing effect, perfect to help you get going. It clears the mind and stops drowsiness. Cajeput oil serves as a powerful amplifier for these effects. This spray also provides a pure energy boost with its synergy of basil, thyme and rosemary. These are, in turn, amplified by black pepper and peppermint.

Contents: 10 ml, price: € 17,95,


There comes a time where you must focus, at any cost, but no matter what you try, you just can’t. that’s when the Focus spray can save the day (or night). Whether it be meetings, exams, long drives or tough negotiations, the Focus spray allows you to focus when it matters. It can do this thanks to the potent effects of nutmeg, laurel leaf and peppermint. They sharpen your mind and bring errant thoughts back in line, aided in the endeavor by juniper wood, which negate stress and exhaustion. The 9 pure essential oils of the Focus spray make it easy to perform at your best when you need it the most.

Contents: 10 ml, price: € 17,95,


Spray above your head with your eyes closed. Let the aromatic mist slowly descend over you and surrender yourself to its ingredients and their effects. Since the sprays are highly concentrated, spraying once or twice will suffice. These pure sprays contains no additives, conservatives, or any other chemical components. They are not for internal use and should be kept out of the reach of children. Please quit using the spray if you have any kind of allergic reaction.





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